Thursday, May 14, 2009

ACCA | Kaplan - Exam Tips for Paper F5 - Performance Management June 2009

Download Kaplan's June 2009 exam tips. In these predictions Kaplan has suggested that the following areas are expected to be tested this fall and for this paper of ACCA following exam tips should be considered:


The new structure of the exam suggests that there will be one question from each syllabus area.

  • Specialist cost and management accounting techniques - throughput and back-flush Accounting
  • Decision making techniques - Relevant costing or pricing
  • Budgeting - Written question on budgeting, e.g. purpose of budgeting, behavioural aspects, approaches
  • Standard costing and variance analysis - Planning and operational variances (the examiner has just released an article on this)
  • Performance measurement - Transfer pricing
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