Wednesday, June 3, 2009

CIMA Resources

CIMA | Certificate Level (Complete Resource)

CIMA | Certificate Level Past Papers
Past Papers | Management Accounting Fundamentals (FMAF)
Past Papers | Fundamentals of Financial Accounting (FAFN)
Past Papers | Fundamentals of Business Mathematics (FBSM)
Past Papers | Fundamentals of Business Economics (FECB)
Past Papers | Fundamentals of Ethics, Corporate Governance and Business Law (FBLW)

CIMA | Professional Level Past Papers

Past Papers | P1 - Management Accounting Performance Evaluation
Past Papers | P2 - Management Accounting Decision Management
Past Papers | P3 - Management Accounting Risk and Control strategy
Past Papers | P4 - Organizational Management and Information Systems
Past Papers | P5 - Integrated Management
Past Papers | P6 - Management Accounting Business Strategy
Past Papers | P7 - Financial Accounting and Tax principles
Past Papers | P8 - Financial Analysis
Past Papers | P9 - Management accounting financial strategy


  1. could you please provide CIMA CB papers as you provided for CAT CBs . i'll be very gratefull to you.

  2. HI there, sorry for being very late in reply,
    we will upload CIMA preparatory material especially for CIMA sooner, however until that u can use CBE mocks, past papers of ACCA and CAT (which are relevant) as they are good too for the same purpose

  3. Hello Kaka, Excellent work I downlaoded all the papers for CIMA fundamental but my any means do you have the IPass or Ilearn or Audio material from BPP.

    Thanks man :-)

  4. hi kaka, thanks for the past pprz.. also please do some work for passcards and ipass...
    Thanks so much

  5. Hello, thanks for your work with past papers. any chance you post here BPP's materials for CIMA exams similar to those for ACCA?

  6. Hi Kaka,

    Can you please post the text book for P1 of CIMA. I have E1 and F1 latest. I want to share these too.
    The links are :

  7. hi kaka ur site seem to be very helpful as it took me ages to find CIMA papers ON OTHER SITES. but do u have the new sllybus pattern exam papers for CIMA.


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