Saturday, May 9, 2009

ACCA - CAT | Past Papers - Advanced Level

Download the ACCA CAT [advanced level] past papers or watch them online.

CAT Advanced Level

CAT – T5 Managing People and Systems

ACCA - CAT | Paper T5 Managing People and Systems Solved Past Papers

CAT – T6 Drafting Financial Statements

ACCA - CAT | Paper T6 - Drafting Financial Statements Solved Past Papers

CAT – T7 Planning – Control and Management

ACCA - CAT | Paper - T7 Plan., Cont. and Perf. Management Solved Past Papers

CAT – T8 Implementing Audit Procedures

ACCA - CAT | Paper T8 Implementing Audit Procedures Solved Past Papers

CAT – T9 Preparing Taxation Computations

ACCA - CAT | Paper T9 Preparing Taxation Computations Solved Past Papers

CAT – T10 Managing Finances

ACCA - CAT | Paper T10 Managing Finances Solved Past Papers

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