Friday, March 13, 2009


ACCA | Certified Accounting Technician (CAT) | Past exam papers

ACCA | Certified Accounting Technician (CAT) | BPP i-pass CDs

ACCA | Certified Accounting Technician (CAT) | Mock CBE exams

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  • A great article attending all the questions a student has on his/her mind about the computer based exam of ACCA or CAT course. How to successfully pass the CBE exam, what to study and not to study, the best approach of tackling the CBE exam, all these and so many other questions got answered!


  1. what is organising focus .T 5 chapter 2 .posted by usman.

  2. I need CAT Interim and Final Assessment by Kaplan for june 2009 ?

  3. bro need help in downloading cat notes

  4. Hellow sir .What is the book that clear every topic according to t5 final exams.USMAN ALI

  5. Hello Usman, welcome back :)

    buddy T5 is such an enormous subject to study as it involves management and also human behavior at times. so no book will be able to cater such level of studies.
    however books by kaplan and bpp are good enough as they gave a best bet to cover all such topics as are mentioned in syllabus.

    other than that i can recommend some books but they will be of very higher level and will cause u trouble as CAT level of studies is not that detail oriented

    Thanks for visiting,

  6. Assalam-o-alaikum.
    Kaka can u tell me that If i am doing ACCA from UAE.Will this have worth?simply i am comparing ACCA from UAE with other continents.

  7. Hi there Ali,
    Dear from whatever continent u do ACCA it has equal worth.

  8. I'm learning CAT Paper5 but I can't buy i-pass cd for paper 5. It's very kind of you if you all can share me link to download it.

  9. hello sir, im studying t5 and i want t5 notes but i cant find anywhere on the net so plz tell me where can i find the notes of t5

  10. Slam KAKA
    is transfer is good for cat students
    who can pass the first five papers of cat if not than what is the reason.

  11. hi above,
    Dear, honestly we will recommend that you should do the whole CAT as atleast you have something complete and tangible in your hand afterwards. if u keep switching the lanes then neither your CAT will be completed nor ACCA.

  12. hi kaka
    i can't work i-pass pls help

  13. Slam Kaka,

    Can u tell me that which degree is best acca or ca.

  14. slam kaka,

    Can u tell me that which degree is best ca or acca.

  15. salam kaka
    ap T1 or T2 ke mock papers ke answers bhii rak deen plz...........

  16. slam kaka,

    can u tell me that which degree is best acca or ca.

  17. salam kaka plz provide the solutions of mock paper cat t2

  18. hi bro, can u kindly provide topic wise papers for t5?

  19. Slam kaka,
    ap ke hayal mai cbe kis centre se dena chahiye rise, cfe , ya skans
    aur ye bhi btaye ga ke kis college mai paper easy aata hai.

    plz reply me.

  20. salam bro pls t4 mocks upload kardo

  21. if somebody has anything to share, then instead of asking email addresses of others he/she should send that to us at so that we can share with larger audience.

    Remember the more you share, more you help.

  22. hi bro plzzzzzzzzzzz t1 ka mocks uplad kar do plzzzzzzzzzz

  23. can you please upload T4 offline mock


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