Friday, May 8, 2009

ACCA Skills Module Past Papers

Download all the past papers of respective ACCA subject. Following links contain the ACCA past papers for skills level module of ACCA exam course and are compiled as one file for the comfort of students as in this way it is easy for them to practice questions for ACCA exams and they don’t have to download the each paper individually.


Easy to locate the year wise past paper from the BOOKMARKS tab

ACCA F4 – Corporate and Business Law (CL) Past papers

ACCA | F4 - Corporate and Business Law Solved Past Papers

ACCA F5 – Performance Management (PM) Past papers

ACCA | F5 - Performance Management Solved Past Papers [02-08]

ACCA F6 – Taxation (TX) Past papers

ACCA | F6 - Taxation Solved Past Papers

ACCA F7 – Financial Reporting (FR) Past papers

ACCA | F7 - Financial Reporting Solved Past Papers

ACCA F8 – Audit and Assurance (AA) Past papers

ACCA | F8 - Audit and Assurance Solved Past Papers [02-08]

ACCA F9 – Financial Management (FM) Past papers

ACCA | F9 - Financial Management Solved Past Papers

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  1. i need f4 (eng) past papers...old syllabus (2.2)


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