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ACCA | Kaplan – Exam Tips for F9 – Financial Management

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June 2009 Kaplan's Exam tips for ACCA exam course paper F9 - Financial Management.
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Investment appraisal
This is a key topic which seems highly likely to be examined every time. NPV/IRR with tax and possibly inflation and working capital is a favourite topic of the examiner. Payback, replacement analysis, capital rationing and lease v buy are areas which thus far he has avoided.

Working Capital Management
Another key topic which is likely to examined every time. Exams to date have covered much of this topic. Receivables are traditionally the most popular topic and have been examined most recently. Inventory and cash are less examined topics which are perhaps due a turn.

This has been examined in every F9 exam to date so is clearly a favourite of the examiner. Asset and cash flow based values have yet to be examined.

Business Finance
This topic was heavily examined in both December 08 and December 07 exams. However financing ratios are an area the examiner likes. Gearing/capital structure calculations and commentary are a favorite of his and so always worth being on top of. Kaplan Financial 2/2 June 2009

Cost of Capital
Following the recent string of articles on CAPM theory, both the December 08 and June 08 exams featured questions in this area. Although the examiner might choose to leave this topic alone this time, you should still ensure you have a good understanding of this area.

Risk Management
Hedging foreign exchange risk seems popular with the examiner but it was covered quite extensively in the December 08 exam. Interest rates and risk management were also touched upon. Despite its recent appearance, don't rule out it coming up again.

The Financial Management Function and the impact of the economic environment upon it. These topics have largely been ignored thus far although a discussion of agency theory was called for in the December 08 exam. Despite the examiners assertion in his first article about F9 that all topics carry equal weight we can probably expect these topics to continue to take a back seat. Having said that the most examinable area here is probably that of objectives in both the corporate and NFP sectors.

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