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Useful Online and Electronic based resources for CAT Students

Here are some of the useful links that we found over the internet that will surely benefit all the students of CAT and ACCA scheme.

These are actually i-pass exam kits for CAT and ACCA subjects especially T1, T2, T3, T4 and F1, F2 and F3.

As these papers are Computer Based Exams (CBE), these software form exam kits will surely give you the experience of CBE tests.


· Download the file using the link given with each Paper/subjects name.

· Clicking the link above, you will be redirected to “rapidshare” download page. Hit Free User button. Wait for the timer.

· After the timer runs out. Click the Download Icon

· Unzip the files using WinRar or WinZip software

· Run setup

· Run the software by double clicking the icon on the desktop.

· Leave a comment if you have any issues with installation or using the software


>> CAT PAPER 1 T1 Recording Financial Transactions >> Download CAT-T1 i-pass cd <<

>> CAT PAPER 2 T2 Information and Management Control >> Download CAT-T2 i-pass cd <<

>> CAT PAPER 3 T3 Maintaining Financial Records >> Download CAT-T3 i-pass cd <<

>> CAT PAPER 4 T4 Accounting for Costs >> Download CAT-T4 i-pass cd <<

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||DISCLAIMER: We by no mean selling these softwares or intend any monetary benefit in sharing these. These are just the links that we found on the internet and we are offering to the students for their convenience. We do respect Copyrights and discourage the piracy actions||


  1. Great resources. thanks u so much

  2. Hey nice post. really helped me alot. i was finding these for days and here i found all.


  3. hello sir i just wanna say that kaka has just done a great job really...but there is a problem with ACCA past papers the link of ACCA past papers is not working please upload ACCA F1 F2 and F3 past papers i need help from the past papers please do something for the ACCA papers.. thanks....

  4. AOA,, thanx for giving us a useful paper pattern but how we instal the T1 i-pass cds??

  5. Its our pleasure sharing these resources with you.
    its easy.

    Step 1: Unzip the file with winrar or winzip softwares. you can download these softwares from the internet.

    Step 2: After unzipping you will get a file with a computer icon. Double click and run the setup.

    Step 3: Select the folder in which you want to install the software and click next and the software will be installed in your computer.

    Step 4: when setup completes wait for 3-4 minutes so that software get registered in ur computer.

    Step 5: double click the icon on your desktop and enjoy :)

  6. Thanks a lot whoever you are.. :D

    I would appreciate if u upload them on easyshare as alternative mirror link :)

  7. Are these the orignal BPP I-PASS CDs?
    And well how can we download those i-papers you provided here?
    They are of no use until and unless they are an

  8. hi haris,
    thanks for visiting our page and putting ur query here.
    well these are original CDs beyond any shadow of doubt, if we were able to show the runtime view of the software we could have done it already.

    regarding the i-papers... we are a bit confused about what ur referring... if ur referring about mock exams then let us clearify ipaper. its actually a technology which enables us to present our document in a flash version so that it can be seen in the browser.

    to download these paper simply press the "more" button on the steel grey bar.


  9. Lovely Exclusive helpful site

  10. thank u abdul, much appreciated :)

  11. i dun kno Y the hell isnt it runnin on mii PC i haf done alot of efforts but all ended in a smoke..
    when i installed it n then clik on the shortcut then a window appears with the msg
    "" PROBLEM WITH SHORTCUT : The drive or network connection that the shortcut T4 Link refers to is unavailable.MAke Sure That the disk is properly inserted or the network resource is unavailable and then try again ""

    can anyone tell wot wud be the solution for this..!! :(

  12. This is a problem that we are hearing from almost everybody. we dont know why this is happening in some cases. 80% of our team members can install it and run it correctly but 20% of our team members have reported the same way as u r mentioning.

    Untill this is resolved try this workaround:
    Change the location of the software to any drive u want but not the default place which setup has selected.
    than go to that folder where u have installed it and double click the iassess folder, in it u will find the shortcut of software u r installing. double click and run the program.

    Hope it will work.

  13. ugh Still not workin dunno Y im pissed !! :(

    i Also ran the file registeriser.exe n also i ran the file clientsetup in bpp ipas folder after that when i cliked bpp ipass in program files then a window open but there its ryten dat db files missin :(

  14. very good. Thank you so much

  15. Any chance of finding the i-Learn CDs?

  16. i have downloaded th i-learn CD but i am unable to access them. is there a problem?

  17. I can't download these file because I have not this download soflware. How can I get them?

  18. plz tell me the correct answers of offline mock of acca paper F 3

  19. thank kaka very much :)

  20. thanx for giving us link for useful i-pass cds.
    can you give links of i-lean CDs

  21. Hello Kaka
    Thanx for giving us link for useful i-pass cds.
    it is working fine on my computer.Could you please tell me how can I update these software.
    can you give the links of i-lean CDs
    Fhusain from Bangladesh.

  22. thank dude i really need this

  23. Hello kaka,

    Thanks for the cds but how do you run them. When I Unzip the files I get a .exe file which I run than in the the middle it gives me error unable to copy files. What seems to be the problem plz reup the the right files.

  24. Sorry, guys it was this windows vista's error that the software wasn't installing it's working fine on windows XP SP2

  25. Thanks for the uploads .However, kaka ,plz help me with this : i have already installed and registered but the error jump out says that CAT1.cfg is missing. How would i do with this ?

  26. Hi ThangNGuyen
    Try reinstalling the application after deleting the previous install or by changing the drive partition where ur installing i.e. if u have installed in C: drive previously now install in D:

  27. thanks alot.!=)
    it worked for me..!=D

  28. HI SIR

  29. its really helpful and mch eazy to find...
    thanX alot !

  30. How i can use software T1?? i installed but one error occured tht i-assess config file not fond?? plz elp me out!!

  31. i just would like to say that kak u r awesome :-)
    thnx dude for ya help )))))

  32. kaka, i have windows vista, and for some reasons i am unable to install this CAT program. is there anything u can do to help, please.

  33. slam ! its junaid doing cat i hve downloaded the t4 i pass but the text in the application is too small to read can u tell me how to enlarge it? thbx for the slapup site brother .

  34. hi bro
    the software of t1 ipass cd not working tried everything to run it but somehow i was not able to run it !! plz somehow try to find out whats the problem


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