Thursday, February 26, 2009

ACCA CAT-T3 | Maintaining Financial Records online Mock exams

kaka goes exclusive!
Download ACCA CAT-T3 Maintaining Financial Records online Mock exam:
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  1. hey plz provide the answer key of this mock

  2. thanks for visiting our page brother.
    well these mocks are actually put up here to test ur abilities and clearify ur concept.
    therefore to fulfill this purpose we encourage discussion over the questions about which u r confused instead of just getting answer as it will not clearify the concept.

    we will be pleased to help u ppl out

  3. this mocks in skans final mocks..

  4. thank u for visiting brother,
    well we are not sure whether these questions appear in skans mock or not, but as we all know mocks are prepared by gathering questions from different sources so may be some questions here appear to be same.

  5. Hi Kaka i have recently visited your blog and found it very usefull.Can u plz give me some advice on cat t5 how to study this paper to pass. thanks

  6. please is questions k answers to btaen ta k hum achi teare kr sken

  7. Pls kaka can you upload t4 mock
    Thanxs for gr8 resources

  8. can i download mock paper of t3??


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