Thursday, January 22, 2009

Solved CAT and ACCA Past Papers

Hi folks,

Following are some of the link that we have gathered from various sources so that you can have CAT and ACCA past papers at one place. Following are the past papers since 2004 to date. Paper link in front of every subject's title represent question paper and Solution represent the solved paper of the respective subject for the same year.

NOTE: For online Mock Computer Based Exam (CBE) for CAT, ACCA or students attempting under MSRE should click HERE


Select the subject for which you want past papers

CAT PAPER 1 T1 Recording Financial Transactions

CAT PAPER 2 T2 Information and Management Control

CAT PAPER 3 T3 Maintaining Financial Records

CAT PAPER 4 T4 Accounting for Costs

CAT PAPER 5 T5 Managing People and Systems

CAT PAPER 6 T6 Drafting Financial Statements

CAT PAPER 7 T7 Planning - Control and Performance Management

CAT PAPER 8 T8 Implementing Audit Procedures

CAT PAPER 9 T9 Preparing Taxation Computations

CAT PAPER 10 T10 Managing Finances


Select the subject for which you want past papers

Fundamental Level

*F1 Accountant in Business AB

*F2 Management Accounting MA

*F3 Financial Accounting FA

F4 Corporate and Business Law CL

F5 Performance Management PM

F6 Taxation TX

F7 Financial Reporting FR

F8 Audit and Assurance AA

F9 Financial Management FM

Intermediate Level

P1 Professional Accountant PA

P2 Corporate Reporting CR

P3 Business Analysis BA

P4 Advanced Financial Management AFM

P5 Advanced Performance ManagementAPM

P6 Advanced Taxation ATX

P7 Advanced Audit and Assurance AAA


  1. hello sir past papers links are not working well please do something i need past papers help me please uplod as early as possible i will be very thankful to you!!!!

  2. please upload F2 and F3 past papers for the last five years should be CBE ok thanks...


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