Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Fresh Start!

Hi there,
Hope everyone is good.
Thanks for loving this small effort of ours and we receive tens of messages daily thanking and blessing and we really appreciate that you are the regular visitor of our page.
We have received so much bogged down comments regarding the mock exam, which are actually a super hit and are provided here exclusively and you cannot find such a big collection of questions for each CBE paper anywhere else and also for free.
Now are making our fresh start and now we are going to make things more twinkly :) so if you people have any suggestion or recommendation you can just drop us an email or write a comment to this post.
Now again we are serious about the online classes. As you can see the results of the fee structure is still displayed on the right side on our webpage.
We are also on the look to find new resources on the internet which are not easy to find for you so that we will take that pain so that you can get the gain. Isn't that exclusive too!???
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