Saturday, October 3, 2009

ACCA | Online F3 - Financial Accounting Mock Exam II

Kaka Resource Hunt!
Online CBE style ACCA F3 Mock Exam
Instructions - How to attempt the online mock exam
This is just like other multiple choice papers where you are given with question paper and separate answer sheet in which you then mark the answers.
Step 1: Open up the question paper in a new window/tab HERE
Step 2: Open up the answer sheet in a new window/tab HERE
Step 3: Select the appropriate answer in the answer sheet of the ACCA - F3 Online CBE style Mock exam II
Step 4: Click Submit
Step 5: Wait for some hours and you will get your mock Exam checked with correct answers.


  1. there is an error in opening f3 mock exam.the question paper is not opening while the answer paper is opening.

  2. Hello to above,
    Dear you need to have Flash plugin installed on your computer in order to open the question paper.
    Also try to update your browser to latest version.



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