Saturday, March 14, 2009


hi there, all of you just dropping by. we really want to avail this opportunity to thank each and every one of you coming and liking the resources available here that are provided exclusively just here, resources gathered from all over the internet so that you don't have to look for them. Ok guys and girls, we want feedback, there are so many things that should be uploaded but we just want to know which are the ones that are our great visitors are waiting eagerly. so we have decided to run a poll every week. this week we found that mos the visitors are CAT students as poll says, but we fear that most of the people coming here are just not casting there vote. We really encourage the people that they should participate in the polls that we will be putting in the upcoming weeks so that we can know the what should done on priority basis. So we want your suggestion, what you like from us to be uploaded. just enter your suggestions in the comment box. thanks and regards for loving the efforts, kakapakistani


  1. SALAM can you please provide CAT T1,T2 last 7,8 year's past paper's i am very thankfull to you :)

  2. hi can you please tell me that aproximatly how much time it will take to upload ACCA chapter-wise past papers because em planing to give F2, F3 on next month so it will be very helpfull for me thanks.

  3. hi all,
    CAT T1 and T2...
    brother we are trying our level best to find them, we have great hope that they will be available sooner, but as u know its a CBE paper therefore, chances are grim that past papers especially for T1 and T2 are found. however, we are preparing to upload the question bank which will be as good as past papers.
    so keep checking from time to time

  4. well brother topic wise papers for f1 f2 and f3 is nearing conclusion of compilation. and we too are eager to upload it soon. just wait for few days :)

  5. hi can u please provide past papers of T1 n T2??

  6. hi chaudhary...
    well brother we are working hard on it now. we have received so many requests for these and we are looking at every nook and corner over the internet. we will surely share them with u guys once we get hands on it


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