Monday, March 16, 2009

Good news for ICAP students!

Hope you guys are in best of your moods and healths. After much discussion among the moderators and admin staff and research spreading over months and through collection of reviews of students and observing the general teaching pattern and level of skill the institutes are providing in ICAP's Computer Course Practical Training CCPT or CPE, which is tested in Module D as part of a syllabus. We have decided there is much room of improvement in teaching of Microsoft office suite and other necessary accounting software packages. After giving attention to every aspect, we have our reservations about the level of skill that is taught at RAETS especially in case of CCPT. It is observed that lot of people just do CCPT to pass the exam and they have little to no knowledge of how things work in Microsoft Office. Softwares like Microsoft Office Access and Excel which are helping the professionals in almost every field ranging from simple word processing to statistical and financial analysis, and that is what industry requires when students embark in their professional lives in audit fields. Therefore we have decided to start an online course of Microsoft Office and the other softwares which are mentioned in the syllabus of CCPT. The major softwares in which we have found serious lacking of skill are:
  1. Microsoft Access
  2. Microsoft Excel
  3. Microsoft Outlook
  4. Microsoft Project
  5. Microsoft Word
Well this list is not exahaustive, we have ranked just the 5 items we found terrible among students and they are arranged rank wise starting with access in which only 2-5% had the idea how to do things in access. We have developed the course in such a way that it will prepare the students for the three important aspects of the CCPT test that is:
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the software
  • Comprehensive assignment question bank like "How tos" and Do it Yourself or DIY.
  • Tackling the multiple choice questions in the CCPT exam
We are also planning to publish small booklets so that you can buy them at the local stores near you, but these resources will also be provided on this webpage at absolutely no cost. So wait for a while to get some updates from our side, which will come soon enough. And yes one more thing, these courses will not be just for CCPT students of ICAP, it will equally be beneficial for ACCA students as well as they get no idea about these software as ACCA's syllabus does not include practical training of these as part of a academic program. Chao!

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  1. Please sir, Can you provide me with the booklet of CCPT.

    Looking forward for your prompt response.

    Best Regards,


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