Thursday, November 11, 2010

CIA | Part 2 - Planning and Conducting Internal Audit Engagement COMPLETE RESOURCE

Download complete resources of IIA's certification for internal auditors named Certified Internal Auditor (CIA). Students are advised to go through the study units of CIA review and then practice the question banks provided in the form of software. Links are provided for both as follows:

Gleim CIA Review Part 2 | Planning and Conducting Internal Audit Engagement
Download all the following study unit files in ONE GO!
Study unit one: Engagement Information
Study unit two: Communicating Results, Monitoring Progress
Study unit three: Specific Engagement I
Study unit four: Specific Engagement II
Study unit five: Information Tecnnology I
Study unit six: Information Technology II
Study unit seven: Specific IT engagements
Study unit eight: Statistics and Sampling
Study unit nine: Other Engagement Tools
Study unit ten: Ethics and Fraud
Gleim CIA Test Prep CD | Also known as Test master, Question bank or Test kit
Click here to download
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