Monday, February 1, 2010

FRESHLY BAKED! - FREE Mock Exams for CBE papers

Hope everybody is fine. Well this page of yours has not been updated for so long especially after December 2009 attempt but we are here back on our toes to deliver you what you people are looking for.
Recently we have spotted a very good website- ACCA LIVE. We are happy that the people over there are really putting great effort in providing quality stuff. We are looking forward to have good resources regarding CAT and ACCA, especially CAT.
The best thing about theses mocks is that they are free and not just free you can actually attempt them online and as they say that you will get results in your inbox and it holds true. We tried that out and did receive results in our inbox within few hours. Its really great for students to gain confidence before going to exam hall.
CAT | Mock Exam
ACCA | Mock Exam
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