Saturday, June 27, 2009

Online Classes!

Dear Members, We really appreciate your love and affection for us. Broadening our services to our dear visitors and members, we are planning to start online classes for CAT, ACCA and CIMA which will be very very economical, we bet that you will be astonished with the offer which we are going to make and we promise that these classes will be very economical as we know there are some parts of the world where we don't even have acca and cat tuition providers and if we have then they are very expensive. so we are starting with online classes with some very basic ideas in our mind i.e. it should be extra economical, best tutoring and also which is foremost important the flexible timings of classes so that our such visitors and members which are doing job and cannot afford to attend classes can also be benefitted. So, we are actually polling about this that whether we should start online classes or not and if yes then which certification i.e. either CAT, ACCA or CIMA. The pole is being conducted because as we said that these classes will be extra economical we need more and more students so that it becomes easy for us to keep serving you. There are two ways to earn revenue: 1. Increase the fees per head 2. Increase the number of students.... We believe in 2nd option and we don't want to burden our dearest members. So the more students we have the more net we get to manage these online classes. Keep this thing in mind that we are doing this on almost not for profit basis and this will be another exclusive provision to our members. We definitly need your feedbacks regarding what new you need and how we can make this page of yours even better. If you have anything to share, anything you think that will benefit others too, you can share that with us by writing to Everyday we get lots of lots of emails, we love your feedbacks and queries but do give us some time so that we can reply to all of them. Do take part in this poll, you can see the poll in the top right corner under the main heading with 4 options to select. you can select just one so make sure you have selected the right one :) Regards, Kaka
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